Stock Mfg. Co.

You know those guys who are passionate about well-made clothing that is made in America and doesn’t break the bank? Let us introduce you to Jim, Mike, and Tim of Stock Mfg. Co. based in Chicago, IL. They make uniforms mainly for the hospitality industry and men’s clothing in their factory on Fulton Ave. near the West Loop allowing them to ship directly to customers.

Justin came onboard to accomplish a few goals. The first was to unify their communications that brought value to their brand differentiators. He was also there to help grow their stalling community and did so through partnerships and a new content strategy. Lastly, Justin was able to help bring all of their content creation in house. Yes, that meant he was taking their product and editorial photography that would be the base for their product launches.


4% growth in social media community

20% growth in email subscribers


They would release a new product every 1-2 weeks and had a reactive approach to marketing. I flipped that on its head and we started planning what the communications would look like for each product launch 1-2 months in advance. This allowed us to create content, organize the website, and get products out to partners before a product went live. It allowed us to learn from what we were doing so we could apply it to the next product launch.

After just a few months of consulting with Stock Mfg. Co. I was able to grow their social media community by 4% MOM and their email list by 20%. I accomplished this by identifying strategic partners that aligned with Stock’s value propositions and target markets to build a branded campaign called “Well Crafted” in an attempt to grow their email list just before the holidays.


Content Creation


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