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Going from a B2B model to a consumer-based one is extremely tricky. The way you speak and look has to change completely and MTRL DSGN challenged us to refresh their marketing strategies.

While maintaining the heart of what they do, we gave their brand a facelift and created a strategy that would increase awareness and drive engagement with their products and services.


10% growth in their social media

92% growth in their email list.

51% increase in monthly website traffic

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After giving their website a refresh and creating content for their consumer-facing channels, we saw a 10% growth in their social media following and a 92% growth in their email list.

Their other goal was to get people to their new website. With a clear strategy and editorial calendar, we increased average monthly website traffic by 51%.

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MTRL Catalog

The MTRL Catalog is a print piece that we designed and created the content for from cover to cover. The goal of it is to increase awareness of their services and custom products and drive traffic to their website to learn more about their work.


DSGN Edition


Our passion for print comes from this mindset that good stories should have a longer shelf life than a couple swipes on Instagram. So we took what MTRL DSGN is great at (that would be design) and put it through a printing press. The result is a periodical that shares a few recent happenings from the MTRL DSGN community that people from around the region have signed up for. Oh yeah, it also lives digitally.

With each issue we decided to partner with another creative and tie their work to the world of design. This allowed us to invest in what they were doing through product partnerships or simply giving voice to their craft. We also used the publication to anchor their 2018 Holiday Campaign as we picked a few lucky winners to receive a gift from MTRL DSGN for signing up to receive the DSGN Edition.

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Issue 1 - Coffee

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Issue 2 - Nomad


Product photography.

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