Raaja Nemani left his job in the finance industry to lead Bucketfeet, an artist- designed shoe company. They needed to grow and invest in two communities to support their business model: artists to design the shoes and customers to buy them.

Bucketfeet had the opportunity to create a more engaged community around their brand than anyone else. So that’s what we did. We used a data-informed feedback loop to grow the reach of our social channels by 117% YOY and engagement by 8-14% WOW.


117% YoY increase in social media following

8-14% WoW increase in social media engagement

1.2 million+ impressions around a Secret Walls event

850,000+ impressions around 3 market activation events




How did we do it? We started with their overall business goals, such as revenue and web traffic, and created initiatives for each channel to support our goals. As we started opening new retail locations, it was our job to activate them. We hosted an event in New York shortly a er opening a location in Nolita.

To raise awareness, we partnered with the visual storytelling app, Steller, to increase our reach and worked with local artist Ricardo Gonzalez (@itsaliving). We succeeded, garnering 48 attendee posts on Instagram and over 600,000 impressions.

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The community of artists.


Justin was our social media maven. He dramatically improved our community management by creating a strategy to improve our content and engagement while also increasing our followers by tens of thousands.

Michael St. Aubin, Creative Director


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